Brands don't need a purpose,
they need to exist for a purpose.

Alex Aldas

Brand Strategy

DNA, Values, Manifesto, Voice and Tone, Product Life Cycle

When thinking about creating a brand with purpose, our initial steps are finding value through investigation and ideation. We’re looking to discover what is really moving that desire to create, what inspires us and where we want the brand to gravitate towards. We build inside out, threading and giving clear structure to find the core values and intentions between the project and the impact we wish to generate. 


Brand concept, Naming, Logo, Color palette, Typographies, Graphic universe, Packaging, Points of contact, Visual identity manual

For us to be able to create a coherent and strong identity, we need to develop a strategic skeleton with unique solutions that will embrace the original concept for the brand. We develop a visual universe that follows all the strategy and gives focus to the project. This is the phase of all creative and visual decisions. We focus on how we want our target audience to perceive the brand, to understand its tone and voice, how it looks, how it feels, all its colors and typographic choices. We design the graphic language through which that strategy will create value and leave a mark. We form a specific universe and content pool with all the adjectives and senses in which we will touch the users, these that will distinguish us from the competition.


Landing page design, e-commerce design, website builder design, web page development and programming

Nowadays creating a digital presence for the brands is key. We join functionality with aesthetics that are consistent with Casa Crea, to develop and design the digital platform to fulfill your needs. We analyze each aspect that builds the brand, from its essence and DNA to the graphic universe and the desired experience for the users, creating a unique world that strengthens your businesses positioning.


Purpose, Sustainability, Innovation, Business design

We focus on the most critical needs, problems and opportunities our clients have: strategy, marketing, purpose, sustainability, innovation and business design. We provide advice followed by a broad and functional experience for each area. We stand out because of our holistic views capturing value, overpassing borders inside and outside of the brand. We have proven ourselves to be a multiplier effect when optimizing the sum of all parts, not only individual elements.


Media plan, Digital content strategy, Graphic pieces, Photographic pieces, Feed curation, Copywriting, Productivity tools, Reporting and analysis

We analyze what the brand has been creating throughout the different mediums: social media, packaging, identity, etc. We develop a context study for the brand, and create a specific profile based on the benchmark. From there we develop a strategy towards the different objectives and a collateral design based on the given aesthetic of each specific brand. We know the relevance of understanding the market and the world where each specific brand moves. All this goes hand in hand with the specific needs and vision our client has, its obstacles and its existing portfolio.


Directory of brands, Directory of craftsmen

The development starts on the basis of reconnecting ourselves to what we are, our surroundings and the search towards a positive impact. We feel this will be the main source of change throughout the upcoming years, as it is only together, and looking for shared value in different fields, we’ll succeed as a joint society. This is why we connect brands with other brands, the artists that work in artisanal jobs to recover tradition, and also, create real and tangible impact within different communities. All this allows us, and opens spaces for conversation and growth from the point of innovation. Creating a scenario, for example, where an ancestral technique meets the needs of the modern world creating new mediums to manifest that expression.


Pre-production, Production, Post-Production

We capture concepts through photography where there are messages and stories being told. We encapsulate intentions, thoughts and even the specific lifestyles brands want to project. Each detail is character, allowing a unique and bold result that strengthens the aesthetic universe for each brand.

Art direction

Print and digital publications, Look and feel of brands, Look and feel of networks, Editorials and campaigns, New collections, Photography

Art direction is the branch of brand development that occupies all the visual concepts that surround it. Adding creative direction to a brand will elevate its development towards a different perspective, connecting with an audience on a deeper level and boosting its overall image. We combine art and design to evoque a cultural and/or emotional reaction in our target audience.

Located in Colombia,
but working worldwide